​The Honest Thesis Acknowledgement Page

The month of April was a very important month in my life. It was the last month of the financial year, featuring the biggest income tax cut from my salary, hence I lived through all the 30 days of April the way I live the last 5 days of every other month: not watching a movie, not drinking beer, and using my imagination rather than thinking of a getting a WiFi recharge for necessary pre-sleep routine. Also, April was thesis submission month, and I am happy to announce that I successfully completed my first ever fiction novel and gave away the first 7 copies for free.

Of course my thesis, in addition to allegedly being a comic book, is also a very formal document, hence I had to be politically (and ass-kissingly) correct in the acknowledgement pageof my thesis. Here I would like to take a moment and a blog post to thank people who actually made it possible, just without all the possible synonyms for gratitude.

My supervisor and co-supervisor come first on the list, not only because they were my guides, but also for the patience they showed in not connecting my face with their footwear because my laptop would start updating itself whenever I would open it to show them progress in my thesis. I was a difficult student to guide because I am not good at typing on laptop even though I belong to the ‘Yahoo chat rooms’ generation, and I made awfully stupid grammar mistakes because I think, Sir, myself coming from village area.

Next up on the list are my parents, who motivated me with their own special parental techniques. My father advised me to close my eyes, focus my thoughts towards the almighty and ask myself, “thesis time pe kar ke bhi kya ukhaad lega?“, while my mother kept herself and me worried about paying late fees in case I took an extension, and then she would make me realise that I don’t value money, for weeks to come. I am sure she cares about my career, just may be a little less when compared to the new pink-colored currency note.

I would also like to thank my special someone, who, in all innocence, thought that coming to meet me from Mumbai the day before my thesis submission deadline was a good idea. Her visit was a stress buster though, as she managed to decrease my tension by simply saying the three magical words, “Beer Peeyega Kya?”. She saw that I finally realised what it means to be stuck in a situation that you don’t want to be in, and want to desperately get out of it as soon as possible. She’s been in such a situation for the last seven years, and she has a nickname for this situation of hers… ‘Relationship’. More power to you, girl.

If any person has a bigger contribution in my thesis than the senior I copied my thesis from me, it is Rahul… naam to suna hi hoga, because he makes almost everyone’s thesis dreams come to life. He is a freak of nature who somehow, although fortunately, had more knowledge about my subject than me. He is amazing with his fingers (while typing on the keyboard) and he can definitely be the guy your girlfriend told you not to worry about. I have already thanked him personally with all my heart and almost all my salary for the month of April.

The first line of my actual acknowledgement page was “I humbly endeavour to thank the innumerable people without whom this work would have not reached its culmination”, and in this honest version of it, I can proudly say that I don’t know the meanings of three words in that sentence. If anyone of you can help me out with that, then I shall humbly endeavour to thank…


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