Myth Buster-II: People Who Want To Be Funny Are Sad In Reality.

I won’t beat around the bush with a witty introduction paragraph for this post, because I’m a decorated member of the Bajrang Dal and I’ve delivered a lot of beating around the bush to young couples because, you know, Valentine’s week tha. In the past few weeks, I’ve come across a lot of Facebook posts stating that funny people are actually sad on the inside in reality. Now, I consider myself an authority to debate against this notion because 

a) I have had a career of laughing at my own jokes spanning more than 24 years of developed speech function in my body.

b) I share funny memes from various pages on my wall religiously, and even get up to 5 likes on a good Sunday. 

Being funny is not an easy business. OK sorry, I take too much for granted, so, trying to be funny is not an easy business. Based on personal experience, I’ve had to hear a range of personal insults, of which I must share my favorite ones here:

• Rahul Gandhi is funnier than you.

• Dude concentrate on quality, not quantity. 

• I’ve heard that one before, kidhar se churaya?

• If you stop laughing at your own jokes, a total of zero people will laugh at your jokes.

• I’d rather see a Sajid Khan movie than laugh at your jokes. 

That last one hurt me the most. Anyways, the point is that some scholars think that by trying to be funny, people are trying to suppress some inner sadness by joking around, and that humor is just a mask to avoid people from realising that they wet their pillows to bed every night(BY CRYING!), and that’s not true at all.

Of course, we all have our share of problems in life. I’m living in Shahdara, my thesis work and curriculum books laugh in my face almost daily, a few of my seniors think I’m good for nothing(except may be at preparing tea), my mother is worried that I may never refill the water bottle and keep it back in the fridge, my phone bill outshines my WiFi bill because of long distance and my browser history can put even Shakti Kapoor to shame. Still, I don’t see how that prevents me from having a completely normal life. I’m in a mood to bare it all today, so let me just tell you how my day normally goes, do that you can be the judge if there is any hint of sadness in my life. 

Like any normal 26-year old, I wake up just before 8AM every morning, rubbing my eyes and dreading my choices in life. Depending on temperature outside my quilt and the number of days elapsed since my body last felt water, I decide whether to take a bath or not. I scramble to pick out the least odorous shirt from my collection which,at any point of time, is almost entirely present on a chair, and head out to work while eating cold breakfast which was hanging outside my door since 7AM.

I work half- heartedly, gazing at my watch every 10 minutes wishing it to miraculously switch directly to 5PM, so that I can go back to my flat to enjoy solitude with a few snacks, cold drinks, followed by laptop, lotion and tissue papers. I usually take a power nap after such a rigorous evening schedule. I wake up and feel nauseous at the thought of ordering dinner, because I live in East Delhi, and every chicken main course is nothing but a random-number-day-old and re-heated version of the same chicken dish. I repeat my evening routine or drink or cry myself to sleep soon after, promising to myself “kal se to duniya badal denge BC”

See! Completely normal and happiness-filled life. But if you still think I’m sad, then I request you to pray to God to make me happy. 1 like=1 prayer. 

Well, was worth a try.

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