The Blog Turns Four And I Refuse To Grow Up

October has always been one of my favorite months, because during childhood it meant less number of school days given all the holidays it has to offer across religions, hence signifying India as a secular, but above all a holiday-loving nation of lazy bums, and now in adulthood it means a month with beer deals at almost every bar because although Oktoberfest is a September festival, but restaurant managers in CP do not believe in general knowledge or wikipedia research. October is a special month personally too because it is the month I met the most important people of my life, like the shady guy I used to rent comic books from and my garbage guy who wipes out every evidence of party from my place. And my girlfriend. Also, 4 years back, on this day, I started this blog.

There have been many conspiracy theories as to why I started this blog. I say that I wanted to share my jokes with the world. My friends say that I am a pathological chatterbox, so when I am alone, I satisfy my urge to produce words by writing, though when I am alone, producing words is not the only urge that I have. #CompulsorySharmaNonVegJoke. My mother says, well, she just screams Punjabi demeaning words at me because I spend too much time on my cellphone. 4th anniversary seems like a good event to be finally honest, so I should tell you, I started this blog because I wanted how it was to be able to say anything on a social platform and get away with it because people don’t read blogs anyway. 

I decided to keep the theme of the blog ‘humor’ because I thought I was funny. Going by the same logic, I could have easily become a fashion blogger too because my mother says, and I quote, “I am her Sundar Rajkumar”. A fashion blog by me would have failed mainly because firstly, my cleavage is too hairy to look good in a dress, and secondly, my mother is much better at sarcastic humor than what I initially thought. I have written a lot of posts in the past four years, and while most of my original jokes have got me pitiful looks and/or death threats, a few jokes have cracked the audience up, but most of those jokes might have been ‘inspired’, and that makes me Anu Malik of the blogging world. 

In the last four years, a lot has changed in the world and my life. The world has started appreciating men who sacrifice their sanity to bring a change in this world, but enough about Kejriwal and Donald Trump for one post. The world has seen Bollywood break the gender barrier in terms of playing a character, and Sonakshi Sinha and Tiger Shroff are just the start in that direction. I have gone from an MBBS student to an MD student with a significant decrease in the frequency of getting humiliated (down from annually to once at the end of three years). I have entered a long distance relationship which has given her the option to say “Hello! I can’t hear you!” and put the phone down, which is the long-distance (and slightly more polite) equivalent of ‘showing the middle finger and walking off’. A lot of friends are already done or are getting married soon, which makes me realise the importance of the institution of marriage and  the concept of Tharak in our culture. I have come a long way in the last four years, except this blog, may be.

I still practise writing the same nonsense bollywood/medical jokes here, and to be honest, I did face writer’s block these past few months. More than content, I have felt short of topics to write about and poke fun at, and this is when I live in a part of a state of which Manoj Tiwari of ‘Jiya tu Bihar ke lala’ fame is the Member of Parliament. 

I refuse to give up though, because I am not a quitter, but more than that no one wants to listen to me in person anymore, so this blog is perhaps my only outlet. I request you readers(excluding my own fake accounts I created to increase my readership) to suggest me any topic on which you think I can write 6 paragraphs worth of incoherent blabber. In return, as a thanks, I promise I won’t pester you to like, share and subscribe to my posts.

Just kidding! Chocolate chalega?

NotInTandem continues…


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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2 Responses to The Blog Turns Four And I Refuse To Grow Up

  1. Himika says:

    ‘Sundar Rajkumar’ Zindabad, ‘Notintandem’ Zindabad…

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