Unpaid Preview: Neerja/Loveshhuda


19th feb, 2016 will be one of those rare Fridays that makes people pray for Monday to come early, because a Sonam Kapoor movie is hitting the theatres. Neerja is a movie based on a braveheart stewardess who lost her life protecting the passengers aboard a plane which was hijacked. And based on Sonam Kapoor’s previous daredevilish and heroic roles in Saawariya, Aisha, and Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, she was the obvious choice to play the above braveheart. Yes, the argument could be made that she is trying to change her image and take some risks, but have you spared a thought for the real Neerja? I’m sure her soul is feeling worse than how Bhagat Singh’s soul felt when Dharmendra’s I-wish-I-had-slept-early-that-night result called Bobby Deol portrayed him in a movie.

Of course, like most biopics, this movie will also get word-of-mouth publicity through stories such as how Amitabh Bachchan cried after watching the film, may be a little because of the story, but mostly because Sonam Kapoor is getting more movies than his own son, and also because he realised that the no one would cast Abhishek Bachchan even in his own biopic. Then Karan Johar would praise Sonam’s acting in it, but he also thinks Arjun Kapoor is talented, so no one will really care. The critics will feel ticklish in unmentionable parts of their body because of Shabana Azmi’s acting, and very soon 100 crores will be crossed, and the whole point of writing this post will be lost. 10 years later, Sonam Kapoor will again act in a biopic, most probably based on Shahnaz Hussain because karma, while I would still be here waiting for her movies so that I can vent out my frustration of being poor and lonely.

Shekhar Rajviani, one half of the music composer duo Vin Diesel Vishal-Shekhar makes his acting debut in this movie, giving Himesh Reshammiya his very first feel of the thing called ‘confidence’. This movie, however, will not be his first shot at acting, as he has been a judge at various singing comeptetions and has given average performances while trying to make us believe that he gives a damn.

The other movie releasing tomorrow is Loveshhuda, starring Girish Kumar (also known in Bollywood as the producer’s son), and some new actress, and both of them look prettier than Sonam Kapoor. In Loveshhuda, the hero gets drunk one night and wakes up to find himself married to a hot girl. It may just be a movie story for you, but for some guys (yours truly included), it seems to be the only possible way out of bachelorhood.

So, skipping both the movies is my plan for the Friday, because there are very few actors who make later episodes of Comedy Nights With Kapil seem funny.


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2 Responses to Unpaid Preview: Neerja/Loveshhuda

  1. mansi says:

    your blog is lmao funny !! 🙂

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