The Ghost Of Blogs Future

A lot of times in my sleep, a ghost appears and talks to me. It is the ghost of blogs future, and it asks me a simple question: “What are you going to do when it is time to stop posting on your blog?”, I answer that I am going to start having a life after that, but it does a facepalm and that’s when I realise the bitter truth, the fact that the chances of this blog becoming famous are as good as Rahul Gandhi getting married to an educated girl actually consenting to the marriage. No one believes that it is going to happen, and neither is anyone actually wishing for it.

I do realise that at some point in life, I am going to stop writing because I don’t want my future progenies to be subjected to embarrassment because of their friends teasing them with “Haw Yo papa so non-veg!” or my future wife having to answer uncomfortable questions about any history of birth hypoxia or childhood trauma in my life because of all the nonsense I write here. Some of my friends say that they are proud of me, and I am sure when they look at my blog post link on facebook, they do not say things like “is ch***ye ko aur koi kaam nahi hai?” or “I will delete his account the minute I find it open on his phone”. I am sure.

The blog is here to stay for now. Not as frequently as I would like, but just enough to keep my self-respect intact. Sometimes I get messages about my blog from people who I don’t know that well. I admire them a lot, since it take a lot of their effort to abuse a complete stranger like me. I count those messages as fan-mails. I’m like Imran Khan in their lives: I keep showing up on their screens every once in a while, they hate that but are helpless about it.

Today, as the blog turns three, I take a resolution that I will look forward to honest feedback from the readers, and here I ask you all to think of any compliments and/or innovative cuss words for the blog. I think I don’t get offended that easily. Though, as they said during childhood, bas Maa pe mat Jana!

Thank you friends!
Not In Tandem continues…


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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