An Ode To Anaesthesiologists!

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
Have you put the patient to sleep?
Or can they still look down below,
And watch their body bleed?

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
Did you relieve them of their pain?
Please check the level again,
And don’t drive the butcher insane!

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
Can you give him another shot?
Look here it’s so taut,
That I can’t tie even one more knot!

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
Can you reduce the BP some more?
Or will my hands, after the surgery,
Will look straight out of a Hollywood gore?

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
Can you make this patient fit?
I’ll be so thankful to you that my senior,
will stop eating my head for a bit!

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
This particular case depends on you!
Don’t go for tea during this one,
Please see this surgery through!

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
When will the next case begin?
Oh who am I kidding?
Of course when you finish your tiffin!

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
Can you put another nerve block?
I’ll be quick I promise,
I realise it’s past 3’o clock!

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
I’m jealous coz you have all the fun
Be it getting free in the evening,
Or that high score in temple run.

Oh Doctor! My Doctor!
You don’t get your due, We observe.
You’re the hero the patients need,
But not the one they deserve.

Thanks to Dr. Adrish Bhadra for providing a surgical insight and contributing to this post. Happy World Anaesthesia day!!


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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One Response to An Ode To Anaesthesiologists!

  1. Reena says:

    Wah wah!

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