Being Junior Resident – III: The Goodbye

Over the last four months, I couldn’t help but notice that JRship is like a girlfriend who is least demanding in nature, pays for your parties and shopping, but unfortunately the one you can’t get serious with. She will break up with you just when you think you want to take things to next level stay a JR forever. So it is better to keep it platonic with such a someone and just leech off as much as you can, or as women call it, friend-zoning a guy.

Being a JR in endocrinology(English for hormonal locha) teaches you a few important lessons in life:

1. The world may just be Moh-Maya, but easy money never hurt anyone. Except may be your liver.

2. A substantial part of the easy money will vanish unnoticed in the form of hangover. As I said, Liver ki M@ ki %@₹@

3. You need to be with like-minded party-freak/procrastinators/kaamchor people to enjoy your work.

4. If you stick around long enough, no matter how hard you try NOT to, you will end up learning something useful. Don’t try too hard to fight it.

5. Diabetes sucks. If you really hate someone, it is better to wish that he/she gets diabetes because wishing someone to catch STDs is just so old school.

I also achieved some personal milestones along my journey as a JR, like using the words ‘continue same treatment x 6 months’ more than a 1000 times, writing casual leave applications without diarrhoea as an excuse, and using a free pen from start to finish without losing it. The downside of being a JR for all these months was not being able to stay at home to get fat while finishing seasons of Breaking Bad, and the guilt that came because of misplacing most of the free pens.

Being a JR also made me realise what it means to be in a team with every member in a different emotional trip altogether. You want to see agony, look at an SR trying to ask a JR to report on time. You want to see frustration, look at a consultant watching the above conversation going on between JR and SR. You want to see laziness, look at a JR five minutes before the start of an OPD.

Jokes apart, I worked under brilliant seniors and was supported by a helpful team in the past 4 months. You can consider this post my letter of thanks to them, but without any tags to obtain extra likes. Who do you think I am? Poonam Pandey facebook version?

You can also read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series. Let me know if you liked it, because may be, coming soon: Being Post Graduate. 🙂


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