Travelling Solo and/or Flying Solo


This week I went on a trip to Ahmedabad-Udaipur-Jaipur all by myself, which is the only daring thing I have done in life other than taking Biology in class 11th(which is more stupid than daring, but it counts). On the trip, I did some fun stuff like checking the internet for difference between travelling solo and flying solo. For those who have no idea, ‘Travelling Alone’ is going to another city alone and checking into a hotel, while ‘Flying solo’ is what you do when you are in a room alone regardless of the city you are in. #IfYouKnowWhatIMean

The Ahmedabad and Jaipur parts of the trip consisted of cancelling admission from Gujarat and taking admission in Jaipur, or as they call it in medical circles, ‘Jagah Jagah ke dhakke khaana’. The Udaipur part was a break from the routine of getting pushed around, so that I could ‘discover myself’, and listen to ‘Kabeera’ while pretending I am Ranbir Kapoor from, well, every Ranbir movie ever. But then I looked into the mirror, realised the ‘ugly truth’ and went to Udaipur for the only reason that everyone else goes for: Enjoy the view of the lake with a drink.

Due to some serious crunch of options, I had to book a sleeper ticket to Udaipur in the twin berth section, which means I can now tick the box against ‘Slept with a complete stranger’ in online surveys. I had a pretty heavy and cheesy dinner at Domino’s, which is the most evil thing that one can do other than having Mooli-Parathas, before sharing a bed with a stranger. But in a twist of events, it was I who ended up suffering through the night. In his open-mouthed, semi-choked sleep, the gentleman was proudly getting his ‘The Avengers’ message across: “You think you’ve heard snoring? I’ll make you beg for something as musical as snoring.”

Udaipur is a beautiful city with lakes, hills, auto-drivers with a minimum fare of ₹100, and wine-and-beer shop right next to your hotel. The last fact needs to be highlighted because a guy has limited options to kill time with the forty-plus temperature outside. Lal Ghat in Udaipur has pretty roof-top restaurants, which serve you with ‘King of good times’ disguised as ‘Mix Masala – ₹200’ in the bill, because why bother for mythological things such as booze license when you can cook up interesting pseudonyms.

Another interesting place that I visited at Fateh Sagar lake was Nehru Park, which is on an island right in the middle of the lake, with very purposefully dense bushes and trees. They take you to the park on a boat with a ₹30 ticket, which is basically Rajasthan Govt’s ‘Making Out Tax’. For those from Delhi, yes, it is just like Buddha Garden, or as Bajrang Dal calls it, The Hunting Ground.

It was a nice trip, and I realised that “Mai udna chahta daudna chahta Hu, bas rukna nahi chahta”, unless Kareena Kapoor agrees to go with me to Nehru Park. Mostly, because I am tired of flying solo.


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