The Game Of Pheromones

This weekend is a tough one for a Delhi boy, because it requires him to make a tough decision whether to go and watch Ek Paheli – Leela in an empty theatre, or wait till Monday morning to torrent the Game of Thrones episode because, you know, ‘Needs’. Over the last 4 seasons, I have evolved from a 12-year old boy saying “Bro the upper part is full nudity only” to a 14-year old saying “Bro the 3rd episode actress ain’t that hot, koi better video hai phone me?”

Well, other than the above reason, there are other reasons too that every Monday morning for the next few weeks, my family would be shouting “what is wrong with the internet?” while I torrent the episodes:

1. The Unpredictable Predictability
It is not a nice feeling knowing that the character you will start liking over the first few episodes will die in the 9th episode, hence, #RRMartinHayeHaye. Fortunately, he did not write the script for saas-bahu serials, else Indian women would have been subjected to Mihir’s character actually dying and a possible making-out scene featuring Baa and Tulsi. The horror!

2. The Political Awkwardness
Kings, Queens, and incest. I’m hoping for a Punjabi to star in an episode and call Jamie Lannister ‘Bhen***d’ so that I can hear him reply “Yeah, so what? #MyChoice“. Indian TV serials also have politics, though it is limited to jewellery clad elderly woman bitching about how her bahu is gettin’ some action and she ain’t. That, and Koffee with Karan.

3. The Imp
Tyrion Lannister, the Hollywood version of Rajpal Yadav, is perhaps the only character that people liked and still hasn’t had his guts or nuts handed over to him. He drinks alcohol, has intercourse with multiple partners, but is still mocked by peers, which is the closest that Siddharth Mallya’s story has ever come to a TV role. The moment Imp dies, I am going to stop following the series altogether, I swear by the rum bottles of monk, both old and the new ones.

I do not wish to start a debate involving Indian TV series and American series, because I was a fan of Emotional Attyachaar, because how else can you get to watch a girl beating her boyfriend black and blue at 7:45PM every weekend. Anyways, Winter is Coming. So don’t forget to catch Jamie Lannister wishing Cersie happy Raksha Bandhan under the sheets. Happy watching!!


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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