The AAP Story: And Then There Were None.


Ten little Aam Aadmis wanted Delhi to Shine.
Anna Hazare showed the middle finger and then there were nine.

Nine little Aam Aadmis wanted Delhi to be great.
Kiran Bedi was busy making files and then there were Eight.

Eight little Aam Aadmis thought they’d change Delhi into a heaven.
Vinod Binny lost his shit and then there were seven.

Seven little Aam Aadmis trying to avoid being dicks.
But Somnath Bharti didn’t listen so then there were six.

Six little Aam Aadmis were feeling very alive.
Kumar Vishwas listened to his own poem and then there were Five.

Five little Aam Aadmis Knock-Knock-Knockin’ on heaven’s door.
Prashant Bhushan, too old, hadn’t heard this song and then there were four.

Four little Aam Aadmis wanted everyone’s opinion to be free.
Yogendra Yadav took too long to complete his sentence and then there were three.

Three little Aam Aadmis, Sheila Dixit ko karenge sue.
Ashish Khetan went on the News Hour, didn’t return and then there were two.

Two little Aam Aadmis chillin’ and eating maska bun.
Manish Sisodiya said I miss Yogendra and then there was one.

One little Aam Aadmi had a lot in mind to be done.
He couldn’t pay his Government bungalow’s EMI and then there were none.

Inspired by a partially true story.

Based on a poem on which another poem and an Agatha Christie novel was also based. So, yeah.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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3 Responses to The AAP Story: And Then There Were None.

  1. Pankaj Goyal says:

    Hahaha….a good one!

  2. thinkingloaf says:

    Boy! You are hilarious! 😀 I started from the Goa post and I’m sure I’m going to reach the bottom of the index real quick.

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