Such Humour. Much Hurt. Wow

There seems to be a new fashion of sorts to be a moral police and try to set this world ‘straight’, both sexually and otherwise. Right from using Ram-Leela as the title of a movie that has protagonists of the same name, to banning Comedy Central for being derogatory to women.

Now, the latest incident that has irked us, is the legal case against AIB. Friends, please help me to completely understand the concept. A person abuses another one who laughs hard at it. Then some people, with too much free time and a childhood without Cartoon Network, go ahead and file a complaint, because they were tied down, their eyebrows were cello-taped open and were made to listen to abusive words.

Wait. They weren’t.

Most probably, the conversation at their place went like: “Hey look at them! Saying bad words which will spoil our kids. *Turns to his son* Beta kaan band karo! Kamiine saale. Kya hoga hamari… Kya word tha yaar wo… Jisse multi julti ek language bhi hai… Haan… sanskriti ka?”

But then, being against consensual interaction has been the favourite hobby of such gentlemen since time immemorial. When will this “This is derogatory! #BanOrElseVandalism” train come to a halt?

Is calling a Arindam Chowdhary an Educationist derogatory to Chetan bhagat? Or is calling Ravindra Jadeja a cricketer derogatory to Sachin Tendulkar?

Coming to think of it, there appears to be no reasonable objective of getting such demands met. I can’t imagine Ram-Leela being renamed to something lame. Like Ranveer-Deepika. Yes, there could be better options like Arvind-Sheela (a good rhyming option)… Votes ki Rasleela. But that would definitely itch Congress’ derogatory body parts.

And then there was ban on comedy central for being derogatory to women. Yes. Consensual kissing scenes and words like sex are derogatory in a country with rape and molestation cases making headlines everyday. Makes as much sense as Ishant Sharma talking about good economy rate.

What started as an “I-have-religious-se­ntiments” has now become a phenomenon of pure harakiri. Offence can be taken just about anything. In a country where we can demand for clean politics after 60+ years of Congress rule, and homosexuals and heterosexuals can come together for a cause of freedom of choice of life, the least we can do is to develop a sense of humor. Without reading too much into everything, that is.

So, people hurt over AIB’s video, I would like to say this to you:
*Enter Raghu Ram’s audio from any random Roadies episode*


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