Being Junior Resident – I


Do you like easy money?
Do you want to spend a major portion of your day procrastinating?
Do you still not feel like a true doctor but can not accept it publically?
Then Junior Residency is the job for you! Welcome to the world of junior residency, the low-on-confidence and high-on-money job which doctors do to cope with the identity and financial crisis during the period between MBBS and post-graduation.

I am new at this job, and it reflects in my ethics and work technique. For old cases, I use my extensive medical knowledge and immense experience to copy the same treatment from the patient’s old file, and when a new patient comes, I stare back at him to return the same blank look that he gives to me.

I also met some Medical Representatives on my first day. They told me about various drugs and combinations, half of which I can’t even pronounce properly. Hence it was a very awkward conversation, most of which made very less sense to me:

MR: Sir, please prescribe this *insert drugs I can’t pronounce*, which is good for patients *insert diseases I have no idea about* in combination with blah blah something.

Me: Huh! Huh?? Hmm. Huh!

MR: And Doctor, here is a free pen for you.

Me: *Sings Tumse milnaaa, Baatein karnaaa, Bada acha lagta hai.* Different colour me hai kya?

It’s just been a few days since I joined, and my work consists of reporting at 9AM sharp to perform some physically tiresome work such as waiting for 1PM and ordering lunch. The workload will increase in the next few days, and I will have to start carrying a stethoscope and might have to use it too.

I look forward to learning about some common ailments and treatment, and the paycheck at the end of the month. My work will improve as I gain experience here, because obviously, all that lunch won’t order itself.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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