The Curious Case Of Kiran Bedi

The following blog is a product of low IQ combined with a lot of free time. Please do not believe a word of it, and do not link me to a political party. Except Modiji, the SRK of my Kajol-esque dreams. Now that I feel safer from BJP bhakts, please read on.

Out of all the crazy social activists I have seen in my life, Kiran Bedi is easily my favourite. One needs to have some serious balls to get a PM’s car towed away and given that she is a woman, she could only possess that trait metaphorically. Also, what an uber-cool nickname is ‘Crane’ Bedi! I would love to get renamed to something bad-ass and scary such as Amit Shah.

For those who switch on TV only for Bigg Boss, Kiran Bedi is India’s first woman IPS officer, which indirectly makes her the first woman to beat someone’s rear end with a wooden lathi. People say she was fierce and unforgiving when on duty, making her the most famous Kiran before Anupam Kher married India’s loudest Punjabi woman(Kirron Kher). For those born after 1990, just imagine Falguni Pathak covering Metallica songs to get a good idea of how Kiran Bedi would look while doing her job.

She was about to be promoted to the rank of Commissioner of Police, but it was rejected because of the Khap panchayat concept that in India, other than Congress party of course, no woman can lead a group of incompetent men. Evidently furious, she took voluntary retirement, and was criticized by her fellow policemen for quitting and showing arrogance. This incident was the motivation behind the Altaf Raza super hit “Tum to thehre pardesi… Saath kya nibhaoge“.

She finally resurfaced after few years and joined Anna Hazare but only to be ignored by him while he battled hunger-induced delirium. Under BJP’s Employment scheme for forgotten celebs(previous beneficiaries include Bappi Lahiri and Vinod Khanna), she has revived her social career for the betterment of Delhi. This move has not only irked Arvind Kejriwal, who fears that his record for fastest U-turn is in danger, but also BJP’s own workers, who are bored because the innovative new slogan “Har Ghar Bedi, Ghar Ghar Bedi” is 95% similar to what they have been shouting for 2 years now.

In my unimportant opinion, the only positive thing about Kiran Bedi joining BJP is that she might improve the Delhi Police. All those minister cars won’t tow away themselves.


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