Hum Do Humare Chaar, Abki Baar Nirodh Bekaar

There are many path-breaking ideas that Godmen of this nation have offered for holistic development:
1. Send young girls to Asaram Bapu to replace their ‘monthly’ problems with his own shameful acts.
2. Sant Rampal to be bathed in milk, with kheer being prepared from that milk supposed to cure medical problems such as piles and rational thinking.
3. Swami Premananda’s massages have spiritual powers. He died serving a double lifetime sentence for the real idea behind those massages.

My new favorite, however, is the one in which Sakshi Maharaj treats Hindu women as vending machines for babies. Four babies each Hindu woman is his plan for development of the country, because Bitch! The country got 99 problems but population ain’t one. He doesn’t stop here. He gives us advise regarding what to do with the extra babies. One should be sent to Vishva Hindu Parishad(VHP) to do patriotic things such as vandalising theaters and beating up couples who celebrate Valentine’s day. Second one should be sent to the border to protect the nation. I think he wants to suggest a domestic entrance exam, so that one of the children gets to hear “Aww! C+ grade! I guess now we know who’s spending rest of his life in Leh against his will!”

Rest two babies, the families can keep with them. One of them preferably a boy who can get good dowry, and the other a girl who will not do immoral things such as talking to a guy of a different gotra/caste or eating chowmein.

I think I can understand his thought behind this statement. Firstly, he is a bachelor, so I doubt if he realises issues like performance pressure and stress-induced infertility in men. Secondly, he has never been to a labor room, where the noise and scenes can put women off childbirth and men off sex even permanently.

I wish he was the only one preaching this. Sadhvi Prachi, allegedly a woman herself, has said that Lions do not have just one baby. Sadhvi ji, please do not compare your religious fanatics to lions, because research suggests that they actually give it a thought before they roar.


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3 Responses to Hum Do Humare Chaar, Abki Baar Nirodh Bekaar

  1. Richa says:

    nailed it. 😉

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