Gujarat Is Now Vibrant; What About You?

Vibrant Gujarat is a summit which happens every two years in Gujarat, where top-notch leaders and businessmen come from different countries and praise Mr. Modi. So, in many ways, it is similar to the BJP party meetings, except for the fact that participants at summit have real money and purpose in life.

The summit was started in 2003, by Narender Modi who was the CM of Gujarat then, to bring foreign investment and jobs into the state because Mr. Modi, being a visionary, understands that the youth needs jobs and money to buy alcohol at black market in the dry state. As per Wikipedia at least, the summit has been a great success, making Gujarat the latest business hub, much like Gurgaon, but without the parking problems and Honey Singh haircuts.

This year’s edition has, according to reports, promised an investment of 1.6 lakh crore rupees. To make one realise how huge the amount is, please realise that it can buy 0.8 lakh crore Kismi Bars. OK sorry, not the best example. It is not only about investment. A lot of prominent people attend the summit, and say very important things such as “Oh ModiJi! Yes do it to me!!”

The summit has not been controversy-free, as they say that farmers are losing land and jobs, and the only thing that has attained development by the summit has been, as many comedians put it, the dildo-shaped middle finger of a building, Antilla. I disagree with the farmers’ issue though. They can still add to food production by working at the noodles and namkeen factories that Reliance will set up in Gujarat.

The success has motivated other Indian states to come up with similar initiatives to help development. Hence. We now have Vibrant summit in Madhya Pradesh, Social media frenzy in praise of Rahul Gandhi, and less votes for Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh.

Indeed, such summits bring a lot of investment and jobs to Gujarat. Ask the Guides at Mahatma Gandhi Ashram, they do really great business during the summit!! Of course, in all probability, they were farmers before this.


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