Unpaid Preview: Tevar

Tevar, starring Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha, releases on 9th January, 2015. The movie, like undeserved superiority complex, is a remake of a South Indian original. Please note that this is not the first remake of the original. Earlier, the same story has been made with a physically bigger hero and a heroine that actually looks like a female as Okkadu(Telugu), Ghilli(Tamil), Ajay(Kannada) and Jor(Bengali). If you are a Sony Max fan, chances are you have already seen one of the above dubbed in Hindi under some crazy new title such as Don no.1 or Real Don no.1 or Don King no.1 or Chennai Express.

Fun Fact: One of the dialogues from Okkadu is the full form of PT Usha.

The story seems fairly simple. Manoj Vajpayee, as per a nature-defying logic, falls for Sonakshi Sinha, who runs away from him and lands up with Arjun Kapoor who helps her to leave India. Of course, Arjun Kapoor said that it was his dream role was to play a D’Paul or SOTC travel agent.

Like any other South Indian or Salman Khan movie remake, Arjun Kapoor will sport a ‘brat’ look and will thrash people at a pace of 20 goons a frame while delivering seeti-inducing macho-man dialogues such as “Abe oye! Mai hero hun kyuki mera baap Boney Kapoor hai!”

Manoj Vajpayee might treat this movie as Gangs Of Wasseypur 3(fingers crossed for that) and hence we might just get lucky enough to hear “Tevar dikhayega Sasur ke naati?” and “Iski to hum keh ke lenge”. The latter dialogue directed at Arjun and NOT at Sonakshi, you dirty minds!

Kader Khan makes a comeback after a long time. Hopefully, even at 77, he will be able to provide a few laughs. If you are busy this week, you can watch the movie later as Aaj Ka Arjun no.1 on Sony Max… DEEWANA BANA DE!


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