Sun Raha Hai Na Tu, Resolution Le Raha Hu Main

Happy New Year friends! Honestly, I feel like I am living just another Friday with no good movie releases, because I think the excitement is directly proportional to the amount of booze one gets on the eve. Which, in turn, is directly proportional to your physical distance from your parents. I celebrated the new year with extended family eating vegetarian food. Now I know how less awesome it feels to be Baba Ramdev.

Anyways, 1st January is a very important day. It is the start of new year, and it often starts on an extreme note. So, consider yourself most fortunate if you are in a ‘bhagwan kasam ab kabhi nahi peeyunga’ hangover, and most unfortunate if you woke up in a police station. Note: If you woke up in someone else’s bed, check your wallet for missing cash(around 15000) and/or if the woman seems Russian, and RUN!!

Also, this day is the day of resolutions. I do not want to joke about how we all will break them by mid-january, but it is nevertheless true. But that has never deterred anyone from taking resolutions. I took some too:

1. I will go to the gym to become muscular. Right now, closest thing I have to a muscle is the chicken leg piece in my fantasy(I had vegetarian on New Year Eve). But, I think I will not let go of my paunch. It is the only thing which makes me feel like a Delhiite, other than desperation to get laid.

2. I will read more often. Also, I will try to expand my personal library beyond newspapers, Jeeja-Saali ki Natkhat Shayari, and Champak.

3. I will go out of India. I will try for a place other than Bangkok, but I am a 24-year old guy from Delhi, so I can’t promise that.

4. I will try to cut down on things that affect my body function. Such as booze, junk food, and South Indian Porn.

5. I will watch less number of movies and I plan to be very objective about it. I will not watch any movie in which Salman Khan plays Salman Khan, or Sonakshi Sinha makes even a cameo appearance, or Prabhu Deva or Sajid Khan try to create humor. Enough, is enough.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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