The Bro Code: Desi Version

Dear people who pity me enough to click on the link,
We are gathered here today,
In the sight of God, and Exam coordinator-in-chiefs, and unsuspecting parents
And in the face of family and friends who will never understand the fact that passing out and throwing up is totally normal,
To join together Bro 1 AND Bro 2 in holy Browesomeness.

Which is an honorable estate,
Instituted of Indian colleges,
since the first Bro and the first woman Walked on the earth, and then the second Bro showed him a six-pack of chilled Budweiser, leading to the first woman being ignored for the greater good of Theka-owners of the world.

THEREFORE, it is not to be entered into unadvisedly,
Or lightly,
Or with one of the Bros having a nagging girlfriend,
But reverently and soberly,(subject to change as per Beer prices and/or at least one of the Bros getting a job.

The above is an Indianised version of a Bro-relationship being formalised. The Indian bro-code is quite different… And the following is just a small guess.

1. A Bro in India must go the extra distance for his Bro, literally. He may call him six to eight blocks away for Chai-Sutta chronicles, because let’s accept it, no Bro will ever have a Mishra/Chaurasia Pan-walla friend within half a kilometer of his own home.

2. A Bro must always accept any reason to drink with his bro, from Break-ups to “Dude, Dad gave me money for this Surgery book I won’t buy”.

3. The cap on borrowing money does not exist between bros. Goa, no matter how recently been to, is always the first choice for a quick/ long/ planned/ unplanned trip. Borrowing money for Goa trip is the most Bromantic thing, ever.

4. Our Bro-love can not be measured. It is however semi-quantifiable in total number of proxies put in morning lectures.

5. Bros before Hos is not applicable if either of the Bros has a girlfriend.

The last point is quite important, because it ain’t easy to have a girlfriend in a medical college. And somehow, you are either alone, or labelled as gay, or sometimes, both.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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