No Reasons You Should Read This Blog

God created Humans, and then humans created internet and engineering colleges. An overflow of B.Tech graduates meant that even consultancy jobs weren’t enough to keep them busy. Hence you now know them as authors of a lot (A LOT!) of ‘n reasons this is that and that is this’ articles.

Now that I have vented out my frustration because of being unemployed despite being a medical graduate,  let me be a hypocrite and lay down reasons why you should read my blog:

1. Please.

Please read my blog. It will give me much-needed confidence as I have a lot family problems and possible infections at unmentionable places. Just Kidding. I don’t have any family problems.

2. Honesty.

My limited knowledge of grammar and laughable IQ doesn’t allow me to write ‘rants’ or ‘musings’ or other such quasi-Bong intelligent things. You can consider my posts ‘things to read sitting on an English commode when you are too bored to be on facebook’.

3. Long term goals.

I want to have a column one day and I’m ready to do any ‘compromise’ for that. If you know any good looking female editor-in-chief, kindly send her the link. Also, help me to hide my blog from Shakti Kapoor.

4. One-time fame.

My blog is not that unknown. It was once shared by Vir Das on his page. Now people say that I should let it go now and stop showing off. I agree. I’ll stop once i get a wall paper made of this screenshot and this fact tattooed on some appropriate body part.


5. Blackmail.

Hail Failed Humor! This message has started from Sajid Khan’s office. You must read and share my blog now, because if you ignore, your pen will leak on an important exam paper or you will develop prostate problems 10 years earlier than usual. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your mother’s health. That’s just stupid.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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