Half Girlfriend only half-insults the halfwit

There are some brilliant books in the market. Some which challenge your notions about the world, some which shake your beliefs. But I haven’t read any of those because my story with literature has been of a guy who can’t get meaningful love, simply because he cannot afford it. Nothing meaningful comes for Rs170. It can only buy you a cheap McDonalds date, or Chetan Bhagat’s latest: Half Girlfriend.

Let me clarify that I had fun reading Five point someone and 2 states. So, this is not just some judgmental note against someone who doesn’t read Sidney Sheldon or PG Wodehouse and enjoys Chetan Bhagat. This is only a judgemental note against anyone who liked One night at a call center or that 250-pages mood-murdering Revolution 2020. Saale ch*+#e log, koi taste hai ke nahi?

Half Girlfriend is way different from Mr.Bhagat’s earlier works:
1. Instead of talking about pink lips and *insert explicit adjectives* breasts, the protagonist falls for one of the more unconventional body parts of the girl. Eyebrows! He describes them to great details, and I disagree, because there can only be three types of eyebrows:
§ London Bridge shaped unibrow. E.g.


§ Two separate bushes each resembling Lalu Yadav’s ear.


§ Normal

2. The sex scene comes very late. Almost at the end. There were a few kissing scenes in between, and hence every *unzipping of pants sound* was followed by a KLPD till the final few pages, where guys like me finally got their money’s worth.

3. This book is not unbelievable. Instead, it is outright a fictional Bollywood script. I was surprised how it didn’t have free lyrics for the item songs too. It starts out as a story about hardships of a guy from Bihar and his problems in getting a Delhi girl to be his girlfriend. Nonsense. If that alien in Yaariyan can kiss Evelyn Sharma, any guy can get any girl in this world. *Secretly feels hopeful about the future*

Sure, changing India one Bihar village at a time and the theme of bringing youth to work for India is always there. But then, Bill Gates is thrown into the story and that’s when you know that Tom Alter is going to get a role in Bollywood very soon.

The mental-notes of the protagonist do not seem fresh anymore, hence seem less funny than previous books. Overall, i think i could have liked the book. If only the ‘scene’ would have been ‘explained’ better. Hence I still have a doubt left:



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