Unpaid Preview: Khoobsurat

Khoobsurat is an upcoming movie starring Sonam Kapoor and produced by Disney studios which usually produces movies based on Princesses and Ogres. Sonam Kapoor’s previous hit was also based on the same concept, as Ranjhanaa had Dhanush as the ‘other’ Ogre.


It is loosely based on the old Rekha-starrer Khoobsurat which won a Filmfare award. The above sentence hence proves that another old gem is going the Golmaal-Bol Bachchan way, and that my previews are based on thorough knowledge of history. (Wikipedia)

I’ll answer some FAQs no one asked about my hatred for Sonam Kapoor:

Q: Why do you dislike Sonam Kapoor?
A: Sonam Kapoor does not fulfill any purpose for me other than giving me a hint about how Anil Kapoor would look without that external layer of hair. And dislike is a very mild word.

Q: But you have to appreciate her fashion sense…
A: Her fashion sense is like Jump-suits for women. An eyesore but still people go all ‘naya phaissun hai‘ about it.

Q: Ranjhanaa was a hit. Why do you still think she can’t act?
A: Ranjhanaa was a hit because of Dhanush. He gave a ray of hope to middle class boys like me, that even if we look like an e-rickshaw driver, we can still get a girlfriend if we have the balls to slash our wrists.

Q: Did it ever work for you?
A: After 600 ml of blood loss and 4 days of hospital stay, I ended up with a restraining order and a scar on the wrist. But now other girls are scared and talk nicely. So I got that going for me.

Q: Which is your least favorite Sonam Kapoor movie?
A: ‘I Hate Love Stories’. Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor together in one movie. Caused an erectile dysfunction epidemic.

Q: Do you dislike Anil Kapoor too?
A: No way! *dances to ‘my name is lakhan‘ to prove true respect for him*

Q: What would it take in Khoobsurat to make you watch it?
A: A sad ending, Marvel studios productions and Kareena Kapoor to do ‘Engine ki seeti me mharo‘.

Q: Are you saying this because she was fat earlier?
A: Shut up Arjun Kapoor. I don’t have anything against you.


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  1. shruti says:

    LOL that was something haha.

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