Ankit Sharma ki List


Here is a list of points I am looking for in a girl for no obvious reason. A tribute to my favorite comedian Vir Das, inspired by his upcoming movie Amit Sahni ki List.

1. Must be at least 5’6″ tall. Heels are acceptable to achieve that height only if NOT accompanied by constant cribbing about having to wear them.

2. Must not be a football fan. If a football fan, must not state random facts or opinions and make me feel stupid.

3. Justin Bieber fan strictly contraindicated.

4. Must NEVER be a source of candy crush requests.

5. Maggi is the minimum requisite as well as the maximum expectation in terms of cooking.

6. Must be well educated. Allowed to correct my grammar mistakes a maximum of three times a day.

7. Must wear nice clothes. Must remember to remove brand labels to avoid being termed a show-off.

8. Cricket fan preferred, but at no point must she make any direct comparison of Virat Kohli’s beard with my irregular patches of facial hair.

9. Almost any taste in music is alright as long as I am not forced to listen to excess of Enrique or any Selena Gomez at all.

10. Must be a Game of Thrones fan. Imp must be her favorite character. She should silently pray on a daily basis that Imp must not die.
In the case she has read the book, any spoiler shall be a cause of termination of relationship with immediate effect.

11. Looks do not matter to me as long as size doesn’t matter to her.

(Request: Please do not read too much into the last point)


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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29 Responses to Ankit Sharma ki List

  1. Just Me says:

    A good post. Enjoyed it. Appreciated pts.5, 6, 8. Will be sharing with the Husband 😛

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  3. Its your first post which I came across and you’ve a new fan!

  4. richa says:

    I came to your blog via Vir Das’ s FB post. I must say, the list is so damn hilarious. I have enjoyed each and every word and so damn relate to it. U have inspired me to start my blog once again and enough of emotional stuff I have been writing…this time, it has to be my fun side, which needs to come outta shell. Thanks bud. Cheers to ur list. Hope u find the girl soon.. 😛

  5. Nidhi Sharma says:

    haha 😀 Super cool! Oh! And I love the Imp! 😀

  6. Bhavna Rath says:

    enjoyable post..!!

  7. shivanginanda says:

    Hahaha! If only we had enough guys with this simple a list! Very interesting 😀

  8. daakusaxena says:

    haha ! good stuff ! 🙂

    and the last point?!

  9. richa says:

    U r too good and extremely hilarious. Have u been told this before that your knack for humor is beyond words. I read all your posts in one go. Kudos! u have got an avid reader now. I totally loved ur about me post.

    • ankitmamc says:

      You are too kind ma’m! All I have been told about my humor consists of cuss words and middle fingers. And I guess that formed the basis for the ‘about’ me post. 🙂

  10. Ishan says:

    The imp dies. Okay i am just trolling(but i have read the books). He doesn’t or does he??? 😛

  11. Sweta says:

    Hello! It was a simple yet very funny list! Not many guys actually post such lists with the details of what they’d like their future girlfriend to be. 🙂 It was good!
    Hope you find this girl who satisfies all your criteria. 🙂
    P.S. Who doesn’t love the Imp? In my opinion, he’s one of the best characters on the show. 😀

  12. xpiperess says:

    it was fun! really mean are from mars… women are from venus!
    women have thier list too!

  13. Aliyaaaa says:

    Hahaha! This is hilarious!

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