Wrong about ‘About Me’


Hi. My name is Dr. Ankit Sharma. I am like any average Ankit Sharma except for the fact that I have an MBBS degree, hence my knowledge about private parts does not come only from porn.

I was born in a middle class family. To make my financial status more clear, just imagine a kid who would have been a social outcast at any Delhi Public School branch but would have been a chick-magnet at a Rajkiya/Sarvodaya Vidyalaya.

I spent a normal childhood where I was allowed to go to play outside after I had completed my homework, tuitions and preparation for exams. Yes, exactly, after Eternity. Due to lack of physical sports and over-enthusiastic genetic make up, I grew taller than 6 feet with a body structure for which X-rays are not necessary to diagnose fractures.

I was raised as a typical ‘Parents ka Raja Beta‘. That is why I was made to believe that I looked ‘just fine’ while the world felt puke-ish at the mere mention of my name. I realised that fact when I looked at the mirror after hitting puberty.

Puberty, like all other normal boys, made me awkward and under-confident. Yes, like today’s Rahul Gandhi except the fair skin and low IQ.

I didn’t always want to be a doctor. I was OK at maths too. But then, shit happens. It was either a session of perverted thoughts after reading the chapter on Reproduction in biology, or generalised family tendency to want to have grey hair before achieving job security, that made me opt for this career.

I want to be known as a funny guy. Totally unrelated fact, mostly I cry myself to sleep.

I know how to play drums. Honestly,Ā  I can only fit a 4 by 4 beat into almost any song. No, I have never done, nor am I interested to do Mata ke Jaagran.

I had a short acting career in college. People never threw eggs or tomatoes. So, Yay.

I am a movie buff. My wildest fantasy includes watching DDLJ at maratha mandir or Avengers at IMAX. Now, you may think that It’s sad, but… I agree.

I am not a teetotaller. I think beer is awesome because of many reasons. I think wine is awful only because it is beyond my affordability.

No, I am not drunk right now.

Hopefully the above ‘About Me’ tells you more than the usual “Now wat do I say bout mahself, I m loving, caring, luv to live life fully, mah close friends knw me…” style facebook introductions that you read.

Yours truly šŸ™‚


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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13 Responses to Wrong about ‘About Me’

  1. I think I like you already!

  2. dimple m. says:

    Found someone with the same wild fantasy as myself. Score.

  3. carefreeabandon says:

    You write well.. Funny without trying too hard.. despite being an SRK fan. šŸ˜›

  4. Sweta says:

    This post made me laugh out loud. šŸ˜›
    To me, you sound like a guy who’s funny without even trying to be funny. So I imagine you have a whole bunch of friends who appreciate your wit and funny movie reviews! Keep it up!

    • ankitmamc says:

      Yes, I have friends.
      Sometimes, they appreciate my humor.
      Mostly, they use abusive language while talking about my movie reviews.
      So, now I’m crying.
      Thanks anyways. šŸ™‚

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