Childhood in the 90s: Middle-class memories


This piece is the result of having spent 2-3 hours with under-fives of my family. So please, after reading, do not label me as immature and childish or idiotic. That is already a well-known fact.

Every minute spent with kids makes me proud of having spent my childhood in a way much more awesome to theirs. And I’m not only talking about the fact that we had better Pokemons.

The kids these days usually spend leisure time at home playing video games. Then there is insatiable greed for newer versions of those games. We, on the other hand, did not have anything called ‘leisure time’. Our day was divided into following time slots:

1. School,
2. Homework,
3. Running out of home without telling, and
4. Getting beaten up by parents
5. Sleep

During the time we were not copying homework, we used to play games which required actual movements of hands and feet and didn’t amount to premature dependence on spectacles. Well, for being a male kid, I had to endure Hide-and-Seek and Gallery and Corner-Corner and other estrogen-rich games, but they definitely played a role in bringing out my sensitive side(read: crying myself to sleep daily when I was not able to win any game for weeks together).

Cartoons these days are excessively boring too. We had Mickey Mouse and Duck Tales and Johnny Bravo and Pokemon. By the time cheap spin-offs like Pogo came, we had moved on to better things like Bigg Boss and better animation *cough*Hentai*cough*. Compared to those times, re-runs of Doraemon are converting normal kids of this generation into Kangna Ranauts.

We didn’t have every single one of our wishes fulfilled. Most of the chocolates and other confectionary products were divided into ‘Mom will never allow’ and ‘worth a main-khana-nahi-khaunga‘. We didn’t have facebook accounts, nor did we have Rota-virus vaccines. So we know what it was like having real childhood friends and having our parents tell them our  embarrassing diarrhoea stories.

They have smart phones these days, but everyone knows that they can’t beat the thrill of knowing someone who owns a Nokia 6600. We had family movies starring SRK, whereas kids are exposed to Sunny Leone these days. Honestly, I am not sure who wins that argument.

To sum it up, I am proud to be a 90s’ kid. It was the best decade ever.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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2 Responses to Childhood in the 90s: Middle-class memories

  1. Palek Sharma says:

    Yes! It surely was the BEST decade ever. The views are mutual. That time was different and had altogether a different charm. I miss my Childhood but like you I too am proud to be a 90’s kid. It was a fun ride down the memory lane.

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