PID: Post-Intern’s Depression


For the ease of description and venting out of frustration, I will cover this topic point-wise.

1. One-last.
It’s the worst part of college-ending period. You have to celebrate ‘one last time’ of almost everything, no matter how senseless it may sound.
One last daru-party.
One last room me sutta.
One last balcony me sutta.
One last washroom vandalism.
One last nescafe coffee
One last hostel maggi
One last ATM “transaction couldn’t be completed”
It, apart from making us emotional, is also making us look old. If you ask me, as long as Syndicate bank is there, there just can’t be a last ‘ATM out of order’.

2. Autograph please.
This is a headache inducing exercise that a post-intern has to endure for time periods variable from a week to few months. Here, we beg Head of units and hostel care-takers and office staff for autographs and stamps. A few common replies that we get to hear are as follows…
Kal aana
Parso aana
Flag poore lagao
Flag seedhe lagao
Rakho 500 ka note table pe/table ke neeche
Purani receipt Lao
Tumhare pass pen tak nahi hai
Tumhari to repeat jaegi
Bh*****d fake signature!

Be it the librarian who is pissed off at library books vanishing faster than Rajnikant jokes after the introduction of Alok Nath memes or the Physiology office which rudely says ‘Interns only Monday and Thursday’ while some women can be heard bitching about their husbands and mother-in-laws inside, all compete with each other to screw us over.
It is very unfortunate that after getting a degree that gets us a lot of respect even from the Traffic policeman who has held us for jumping a redlight, we have to beg borrow and steal to get clearance on a meaningless small white diary. I have no idea what ‘No Dues’ from any hospital department means. My best guess is that they expect interns to steal BP apparatus, normal saline bottles or micropore tapes from wards. I definitely stole micropore tapes though.

3. Parting from friends.
This is a very sentimental time with the college days officially getting over and all of us celebrating being unemployed, feeling useless and being fed by our parents. But because of the ‘Internship folder’, while we do get to see each other almost on daily basis, all we talk about is Signatures and Offices and Signatures. I can’t remember the last time I had a heart to heart discussion with any friend. So it really proves that it’s been a long time since we had a drink together.

All this and much more is adding to the misery, making me miss internship and college even more. An intern cribs for the most part of the 365 days that he gets to be an intern. The sad part is that he does not get to live it ever again.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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One Response to PID: Post-Intern’s Depression

  1. Reena says:

    U speak my mind… or rather every post intern’s mind and heart!!!

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