Being Intern – X: The Goodbye


My undergrad life at MAMC comes to an end in a week. It has been a rollercoaster ride through the five and a half years. This entry is nothing more than an emotional good riddance to a journey of a lot of laughter and a few tears.

I could easily sum it up in a few words for each professional year that I endured.
1st : confused and naive
2nd : scared and amused
3rd : bored and irritated
4th : tortured and helpless
Internship was a welcome change from the above programme. Plus this december has been awesome. But it’ll be incomplete without a goodbye letter.

I can’t even choose between my favorite things or time here. Right from the innocence of first year to evilness of second year, from scary exam times to utterly free time of 3rd semester, from being a teetotaller to becoming, well, whatever you call me right now, from movies at Delite to movies at Golcha, from getting wasted on beer to getting wasted on whiskey, from acting on stage to playing drums on stage, from Goonj to Synapse, from library lawn to hostel reading room, from Obh washrooms to nbh if-you-can-call-it-a-washroom, from Blues to Route 04, from Udupi to Zaika, from falling and failing in love to getting loved back, from making friends to making those friends a family, from 1st August 2008 to 31st December 2013, from a lot of smiles I fondly remember to a tear in the corner of my eye right now… It has been simply amazing.

A wannabe funny man in me entered this college in August 2008 and now is being sent off as a wannabe actor, blogger and rockstar. This college has amplified my feelings and ambitions right to the brim.

Be it extremes of emotions, or just idle time in this college, it all seems very very special right now. Friendship, love, anger, even diplomacy at times, every emotion at its peak. Yes, obviously I will miss mamc, not only because I have spent the last 5 years here, but because at the end of December, I would proudly say that those were the best days of my life.

Without taking any names, a big hug to all friends who stood by me during testing times and took my case afterwards to make sure I never forget that. A big thanks to all seniors who have guided/taught me and juniors who have made music/plays/magazines with me. A big pairi-painna to the teachers who passed me with grace marks and a big “Ha Ha you couldn’t stop me” to the teachers who realised my true potential and failed me. And to all those who have tried to hurt me… “Saalo bhagwan Sab dekh raha hai!”

Goodbye, MAMC!!
Goodbye, Home!!


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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2 Responses to Being Intern – X: The Goodbye

  1. Restless Wanderer says:

    Wonderful! Will miss you in college. Though I’m quite sure you would turn up in the library someday studying! 😀
    With pleasure
    -Your junior who has made magazine with you! 😛

  2. Tausif says:

    Amazingly written Sharma Sir !! 😀
    Your stupid jokes on which only you laugh will surely be missed by many of us and i’ll always remember the BC sessions of room 501.
    -your junior who made n2o with you 😉

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