Being Intern – IX: Unemployment Calling


With internship getting over, I’m torn apart between reminiscing the past 12 months and looking forward to a  new era. A new era where I will have freedom from work and studies. Also, freedom from any money and self-respect. The era of unemployment.

It’s not like I didn’t know that it was coming. And like most other guys, I too have plans for that. Fapping till I pass out seems lucrative, but at times, a little… No, just lucrative.

After exams, one of my other plans was to develop a drinking problem. Now I realise that won’t be practical. At most I could sneak in a miniature in my pocket every night, then rinse my mouth 8 times, throw the bottle away as far as I can from my roof, wash the glass with acid, but the only problem is that a particular amount of soft drink daily will make my parents suspicious.

What unemployment also brings with it is again asking your parents to give you money to go out on dates. (Yeah, like with twelve thousand a month I was going for fine dining every weekend. Mostly it was cheap booze at ‘my bar’ and super romantic dinners at Saravana bhawan)

Another problem would be shifting from hostel to home. So that’s back to sleeping at 12 in the night. Or staying awake till 2 and getting shouted at for not being up at 8 in the morning. The transition is like being in Vegas one day to, let’s say, getting married the next day. Not that I’ve been to Vegas. Sorry, should’ve said Bangkok. Not that I’ve been to Bangkok too, but it seems more within my budget.

Junior Residency is an option. A good option where I earn 60k in a month and get at least two days off a week to spend those. But then, an intern, after these 12 months, would rather be at home seven days a week with a hand in his pants. Unless he had psm towards the end. Then he might have already done that.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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