Being Intern – VIII: Exam Time


Towards the end of internship, there is one final match that an intern has to play before he comes of age, or in layman language, ‘bache se mard banna’.

AIIMS, AIPGMEE and PGI Chandigarh entrance exams.

All three are very different in format, approach and also the reason why we interns choose to take them. AIIMS is given because, well, AIIMS ka exam hai, Kya Pata Khuda kab meherbaan. PGI Chandigarh is not actually an exam because for 90% interns, including yours truly, it’s mid-internship-party-time-outside-Delhi-no-not-Gurgaon.

AIPG is given in all seriousness it deserves. Changing formats, changing exam governing bodies and a new set of might-be-useful books every weekend couldn’t stop us from picking up that Kalam DNB book in the last 15 days and use our own special powers to have one final shot at redemption. (Personal method: Rectum wale ‘all except’ question me pelvic splanchnic nerve answer hoga).

2 weeks and 6000 human body and disease-related questions later, seeing the question “When did Edward Jenner die?” broke my heart a little. Not because I did not know the answer, well, that too, but mostly because WHO CARES? There wasn’t even facebook back then so that we  Indians could create an ‘RIP small pox dude’ page to get a few likes.

The new pattern gives you freedom of choosing your own date and time slot. The concept is helpful, but then we interns have our own excuses to prove that life sucks. Morning slot is bad because “Who can wake up at 7am in winters yaar?!” while the evening slot is no good either because “Saala Lunch ke baad itni neend aegi paper kaise karenge!”

The AIPG exam pattern has become a pain in the ass as well as a valid excuse. A different set of questions for each day, so no uniformity there. I am using that for PGI result too. Though questions were same, my set had tougher questions in the beginning which made me nervous, hence I couldn’t do the rest of it well. I know lame excuse but I hope my parents buy that.

PG result comes the very next day of the exam, making it the fastest KLPD in an intern’s life. Hopefully the rest of December will be kinder to us.


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