Chennai Express: Review


King Khan is back. And he is trying to be honest this time. He says he is 40 years old in the movie. But he looks only 38. And acts like 24 again.

He falls in love with deepika padukone because of obvious reason that it is the only way to ensure that the children will definitely have dimples.

The Tamil accent in most of the dialogues have got Sri Lankans introspecting “are we really that tough to understand?” The dialogues in actual Tamil are funny somehow.

Rohit shetty shouldn’t be very worried about 100 crores. The movie will go on to make much more than its major cost of all the cars it destroyed.

New gags such as Tamil translations and drunk SRK are hilarious. But he always goes a step ahead and finishes off every scene with a PJ. All said, still less over-acting than Ra.One. And obviously Deepika Padukone is awesome.

The train doesn’t play a major role in the movie. Other than a 5 minute scene for setting the story and creating interest for the movie in South India.

For people who liked Bol Bachchan, firstly, feel ashamed of yourself, and secondly, you will love this movie. Those who didn’t, if you are an SRK fan, you’ll love this movie. If not, still you should go and watch if you saw Bodyguard or welcome or Ek tha tiger. This one is way better. In terms of deserving 100 crore.


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