Being Intern – VI: Poothiyapanti


One of the perks/side effects of being an Intern at Lok Nayak is one month compulsory residential internship at Pooth Khurd. It is ‘supposedly’ a rural area with a district hospital called Maharishi Valmiki Hospital. Now I say supposedly rural because other than Piles cure and ‘Sax’ samasyaein solution advertisements on the walls around open fields, there ain’t much rural about this place.

For instance, The intern hostel boasts of western-seat washrooms. But then, no water jet or tissue paper makes it worse than an Indian one. Also, there seem to be no ‘Gaon ki Gori’ type of females around. Ok I’ll be honest. There seem to be no females around at all. Yes, there are a lot of male Junior Residents, who can be called hot in a very Haryaanvi Jaat kind of way. I don’t want to sound communist, but “Ra chhore paachhe ho le” will be considered a death threat in most parts of Delhi.

The most popular way to reach here is to board a ‘Grameen Sewa’ vehicle (locals call it a phatphatiya). It can be identified as a vehicle which sounds like a Royal Enfield Bullet and has a top speed marginally more than a cycle rickshaw on its best day. It goes to Pooth khurd only and not to Pooth kalan (Badi Pooth). Hence whenever the driver asked “kahan jaoge? Chhoti Pooth ya Badi Pooth?“, I was very tempted to say “Teri maa ki Pooth” because of the sheer hilarity of the name. But then I didn’t. Getting murdered by a rural jaat is not (yet) on my wish list.

The AC and fan took turns to shut down and hence it is tough to live here during humid days. The rainy days, however, were awesome because of football, and were totally worth the Brufen TDS that followed for next 3 days.

The hospital here too, is so amazing to work in. The orderlies are visible!! They also do their work, which is icing on the cake. That reduced an Intern’s job to wake up in the morning, sign the attendance register and then spend the rest of the day thinking of ways to kill time. Alcohol and movies were the top two ways we came up with. Honestly, the only two ways we came up with. And we didn’t watch a lot of movies. 😛

I am yet to see village women bathing in a river or a Dev.D Mahie Gill and Abhay Deol scene in the open fields. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the last week.

P.S. for the record, I now have an experience of living in a co-ed hostel. And I haven’t even completed my under-grad degree yet. Ha!! There! Earning lakhs as an MBA can’t buy that.

True. I’m just jealous.


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