Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola: Review


Oh God. Why?

Why does Anushka Sharma have to always act high on a combination of crack and stupidity?

Why is Imran Khan still getting movies? With looks similar to Aftab Ugliyani and acting skills similar to Dino Morea (as close to nil as possible), he should have been managing his own medium priced three star dhaba after retirement now.

Why was Arya babbar born in India? I can only imagine the amount of shame and the number of facepalms Mr. Raj Babbar has to endure on seeing his son act. No wonder Prateik forfeited his surname. Who would want his name associated with someone whose acting skills suck more than a south Indian in dimly lit videos on malluempire dot com.

Pankaj Kapur… He just couldn’t do much to salvage the movie.

Dear Vishal Bhardwaj. If you think you will show the biggest problems India is facing… Farmers’ plight, corruption, alcohol addiction, and actors like Imran Khan, and then add stupid, unfunny and irritating gimmicks such as a pink buffalo, drunken plane-flying, and, well, actors like Arya babbar and will get away with it, you are mistaken.

My respect for Vishal Bhardwaj, for the fact that he succeeded in making even Shahid Kapur look good, is dying slowly…

Bollywood 2013… Be nice to people c’mon!!


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