Final Year MBBS: Review


Thanks to final year, I can write a depending on Kitne marks ka hai on What is 2 plus 2?

In an mcq, I’ll mark 4 and move on. But for long question, I’m sure many of sheets would read crap such as “its been a mystery since ancient Times” and the methods being used are abacus, calculators, computers, linear equating in ‘n’ variables. And yes… Some authorities like bollywood claim it to be 5 or 22.

It was always funny to see vivid expressions… Such as horror (now I know what the phrase “jaise saale ki dono kidney maang Li ho” means) on the face of examiner.

I have also learnt the value of the word ‘may’. No matter how absurd a treatment or symptom may sound, may just makes it… Not wrong.

And it was mating season for pigeons… Sometimes it became very tough to concentrate into the book with all the noisy pigeon-porn going on in the balcony.

And about the getting it whole hotch potch… It’s true. I truly believe that stages of labour was the correct answer for any ‘stages’ question… Be it stages of deglutition, or worse, stages of defecation.. its all engagement-descent-flexion.

An average final year student can never be satisfied with the question paper… It’s either “Kya kya puchh liya yar!!” Or “Kitna general paper tha… Bakchodi karwani thi to paper Kyu liya?!”

And post exams…
1. Almost every teetotaller makes his debut in alcoholism, and abuses every thing from the exams to the system even the friend who might interrupt him. And fb reviews become dramatic, like everything is a toast to life post exams…

Morning tea and novel… Wah

Ice outside my home… Wah

Smooth bowel movements… Wah

Oh BC… Chai me makhkhi… Wah

2. After results… That Dr. Tag…

Congrats to fellow 2008 mates…
Live long… Heal others…

Like/ share/ abuse…
Whatever you feel…


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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2 Responses to Final Year MBBS: Review

  1. Enough time spent being a statue. Remember, You are a pigeon now! 😉

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