Talaash: Review

Minor spoiler ahead… Well, more like the only spoiler which could have been… ahead. So read and discuss only if you have seen it already or even better… are giving it a miss.


Reema kagti, Aamir khan, Zoya akhtar… A conspiracy overheard.

Reema: Hey. I have an awesome idea. Let’s make a murder mystery.
Zoya: Ya. Like the most amazing one since dhobi ghaat.

Aamir: Both my perfect ears are with you.

Reema: So there is a high profile actor, who has a few ‘shaukeen’ friends… If you know what I mean.

Zoya: like they hire whores and stuff… Giggle Giggle…

Reema: so they all die in weird circumstances… And an awesome twist.

Zoya: mystery killer?

Reema: no.

Aamir: zokkomon? a.k.a Darsheel safari?

Reema: no.

Farhaan: Don??

Reema: fuck off.

Zoya: tell na…

Reema: an aatma… A revenge seeking soul. A hot prostitute type aatma.

Aamir: Rani Mukherjee??

Reema: I meant hot.

Zoya: Rakhi Sawant?

Reema: No. No part should resemble someone’s own life. Kareena kapoor.

Zoya: 100 crores guaranteed!!!

Aamir: Shit. *Women!!*

Ae farhaan! Tu Don 2 wali kamaai Laga, main 3 idiots wali.

Damn K.K.K.Kiran… A husband like Aamir and a friend like Reema. Karma is balanced.

About Ankit Sharma

Panicky doctor. Arthritic dancer. Failed humorist. Amateur percussionist.
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