Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Review


Srk has changed… Read on how...

Gone are the days when he would spread his arms wide enough to accomodate a dolly bindra. He now clenches his fists and lets women drool at his beard.

Gone are the days when the first time he would touch his heroine would be for getting her to catch the train. Now he makes out with them in parks, and makes love to them before marriage. Then doesn’t marry them. Yash Raj Films ka dude!!!

Also gone are the days when he would dance around distributing friendship Bands and/or free definitions of love. He now goes around jumping around only if it involves saving young hot reporters. Hrithik did that too in lakshya but hey… Yash Chopra knew that saving a barkha dutt look alike won’t get 100 crores.

The new SRK will not play drums after shouting aaaa… He will instead strum a guitar and try to lip-sync rabbi shergill. And let audience do the aaaa part.

New SRK will not dance with a madhuri in a suit or a kajol in a towel covering up all the good stuff. He will only dance with a kareena or a Katrina if they dare to bare their belly buttons… Ishq is more shava and chammak is more challo only if garnished with extra navel.

Katrina kaif... I thought there were only two places where her name should come up. After “ohh and ahh” in most Young Indian male fantasies and after ” bitch please” in reply to anyone saying Kirsten Stewart can’t act.

Anushka Sharma. Feel real pity for her coz she always has to play the role of the woman who is abusing ecstasy pills. This is the 3rd movie that she has been in just for a swim suit scene and a song about how hot she is and how high she is on life.

The essence of SRK romance is still quite the same.

A must watch not because its a good style of romance. But because it is the only style of romance that a 90s kid knows.

Little disappointed with it though…
But Still an SRK fan… jab tak hai jaan.


About Ankit Sharma

Doctor and Drummer in making... Movie-buff since birth.
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4 Responses to Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Review

  1. tareque says:

    Lovely piece.. had great fun reading it. The line about Katrina and Kirsten is killer 🙂

  2. rahul says:

    everything has its flas..sure jthj has too..but it is the most modern indian cinema in romance genre.the people who didn’t like the movie liked anushka…katrina is truying and probably given her best performance in jthj,and for srk…agree with amitji its his best after swades..

    • ankitmamc says:

      Katrina… Just a doll…
      Srk… The grand daddy of them all. I myself am a big fan.
      And anushka… Really bored/ disappointed/ irritated to see her play the same chirpy bird again and again..
      So… Partly agreed.

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